Percussion and Chamber Ensemble (2010)

percussion solo, flute, viola & harp


Commissioned by a percussionist, Yu-Chun Kuo (2010)

Program Note

This piece is inspired by my poet friend Sharon Charde and particularly her poetry "Branch in his hand" which was written after her young son's sudden death. Such a loss is the worst anyone can experience in their lives. My music is dedicated to Sharon Charde and all mothers who had to endure the terrible experience of sending their children before them. This is my prayer for them that they can maintain Hope and Happiness in spite of their tragic loss.

This piece was commissioned by a dear friend, percussionist,  Yu-Chun Kuo, a native Taiwanese. Her favorite Taiwanese folk tunes, “望春風 (Mang-Chun-Poong)” and ” 雨夜花 (Woo-Ya-Hwa)” are used in this piece. It was completed at MacDowell colony in May 2010. 

/ai/ means "a child" in Korean and “love” in Chinese.

Yu-Chun Kuo and Les Joyeux, Cincinnati, June 1st, 2010  
IAWM Congress 2011, September 16, 2011

I (ai) (full version)

full version. 4:00

cover page of “Branch in His Hand” by Sharon Charde